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LightGuideOptics – Increase your view
The 360° emitting medical probe serves for the endovenous laser treatment of the vena
saphena magna and the vena saphena parva in patients with venous insufficiency. With
its 360° emission and optimal handling, the LGO-Saturn Side Fiber® is a trendsetting
development for medical applications in phlebology. The ink free marking eases positio-
ning of the probe inside the vein. Optionally, welded fiber tips are available. Additionally,
the dedicated LGO-Introducer Set is perfectly complementing the LGO-Saturn Side Fi-
ber®. LightGuideOptics is fully devoted to the production of medical fibers and fiber bun-
dles forindustrial applications. Since the company has been founded in 2004, we cons-
tantly improve the quality of our products. This dedication has made our optical fibers
the benchmark in terms of transmission properties and handling. For further information
visit our NEW webpage: www.lgoptics.de

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