Meerstetter Engineering GmbH
Schulhausgasse 12
CH-3113 Rubigen, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 31 529 21 00
Fax: +41 31 529 21 25
Meerstetter Engineering is a Swiss engineering company specialized in high end electronics for laser diodes
and Peltier elements. Our products are used in pharmaceutical and mechanics industries as well as in re-
search laboratories. With our excellent know-how we offer development services and collaboration in analogue
and digital electronics, FPGA, embedded systems and digital interfaces.
For and together with our customers we develop, manufacture and sell devices, which are excellent from a tech-
nical and quality standpoint, work reliably and are easy to use as well as to setup. Our products are designed
towards the needs of the customer. Our hallmark is fast and competent support, excellent collaboration and
reasonably fast processing of sales.