Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 39
53340 Meckenheim
Tel.: +49 2225 70953 0
Georg Kessler
Fiber-Specialized for your application Design, Development and Production from one source
Being equipped with ultra-modern production technology and state-of-the-art fiber drawing towers more than
130 employees create innovative optical fiber products for you every day.
LightGuideOptics is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and own major competences in manu-
facturing and processing optical fibers.
Moreover, a CNC department for swiveling and milling of plastics and metals for making connectors exists.
This is how we can offer to you both high-class standard devices and custom-made products suited specifi-
cally to your needs. All from one source.
Our services:
• Highest quality
• Individual contact persons
• Excellent support for our customers
We manufacture for you:
• Optical fiber probes for several applications in laser medicine
• Fiber bundles in various configurations: »round to round«, »fused end bundles«, »sorted bundles«
• Optical fiber high power cables with all common and custom-made connectors
• Optical fibers for UV, VIS or IR range in assembly or on spool

Our know how on optical fibers
A broad range of applications cannot go without high-class optical fiber technology any more: in optical power
transmission, measurement technique, spectroscopy and medical application optical fibers have taken a cru-
cial role. We know the specific requirements and offer to you a target-oriented solution. Our specialties are
fusing and transforming of optical fibers. We use our expert knowledge for making fiber bundles with a fused
crosssection and without gaps for optimizing the light transmission through the bundle and for making du-
rable medical probes featuring special emission profiles.

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