Leister Technologies AG
Galileo-Str. 10
6056 Kägiswil, Schweiz
Tel.: +41 41 662 74 74
Fax: +41 41 662 74 16
AP: Björn Hjelmland
Leister delivers Laser plastic welding machines manufactured as workstation or as system for integraton.
Workstations (WS-AT) are designed as turnkey solutions to meet the needs of customer requirements.
The concepts are open for modification and offer sufficient space for adaptions. The smallest workstation
is a Table Top System (TTS) and an example of a simply integrated solution. The laser system of the TTS
is positioned separately from the operation cell.
Systems for integration combine the laser source with optics and operation software. The Basic AT systems
can be equipped with lasers from 40 to 600 W optical output power.
All systems come with an optic that is designed for customer applications. Leister delivers the widest range
of processing optics for laser plastic welding.