Vertriebsges. mbH

Bonner Ring 9
50374 Erftstadt
Tel.: +49 2235 95522 0
Fax: +49 2235 955 22 99
Dr. Felix Rübel
GWU-Lasertechnik Vertriebsges. mbH was founded in 1988 as a sales company for lasers and laser
accessories. Our broad portfolio includes laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, periodically poled fre-
quency converters, as well as Electro-/Acousto-optical components and Fiber Lasers. Based on its
expert knowledge in the field of nonlinear frequency converters, GWU finally started to develop and
manufacture laser beam sources. Besides widely tunable q-switched lasers (Optical Parametric
Oscillators, OPO), GWU offers versatile frequency conversion modules for mode-locked ultrafast
lasers. Due to its expertise in non-linear optics, GWU is able to provide customized solutions for
generating, manipulating and characterizing laser radiation at almost any wavelength.