EdgeWave GmbH
Innovative Laser Solutions

Carlo-Schmid-Str. 19
52146 Würselen
Phone: +49 2405 41860
Fax: +49 2405 418633
AP: Dr. Keming Du
EdgeWave's key products are diode-pumped short pulse lasers and ultra short pulse lasers, based on the unique
INNOSLAB technology.
Parameter range of short pulse lasers is: Beam quality: M² < 2; Pulse energy up to 60 mJ; Pulse length down to
4 ns; Peak power up to 7 MW; Pulse rep. rate up to 150 kHz; Average power up to 600 W; Wavelength 1064, 532,
355, 266 nm; Beam profile: circular Gaussian, 1D top-hat and 2D top-hat. Parameter range of ultra short pulse la-
sers is Bema quality M² < 1.5; Pulse energy up to 1.5 mJ; Pulse length down to 400 fs; Peak power up to 150 MW;
Pulse rep rate up to 50 MHz; Average power up to 400 W; Wavelength 1064, 532, 355 nm.